VAD 09
(Gerona, Spain)
Natural Selection
(Belgium, Brussels)
WRO 07
( Worslow ,Poland )
VAD Festival Gerona Spain: 'America mon amour' presented. Distributed by videographe.
  • America mon amour shown at VAD Oct 2009
  • Good Friday, Brussels, belgium: Videos 'instant inflation' and 'Tank' presented.
  • Shown at Galerie Good Friday Oct 2008
    Group show featuring: Marie-Ellen Davis, Will Eizlini, José Garcia-Lazano, Pierr-Mathieu Fortin, Nelson Hendriks and Frédéric Moffet
  • WRO07 Biennial. Wroc³aw Poland: Presented 'instant inflation'.
  • InstantInflation shown at WRO07 March 2007