Tank instant inflation America mon amour
Tank: A very short video describing the so called "1st world's" mentality, the reattribution of the word 'terrorist' and the dead left in the wake of our brave new-world crusade.
Let us civilized people just pretend that September 11 had no political relevance until 2001.
  • Shown at 'Natural Selection' 2008
  • Shown at 'The Niagara Indie Filmfest' 2008.
  • Shown at 'Lezart Visite 09'
  • Instant inflation: A DIY video on economic disaster
  • Shown at 'Natural Selection' in 2008.
  • Shown at 'WRO07' biennial 2007
  • America mon Amour: video concerning a history of the american continent and the treatment of the Autochthon.
  • Shown at VAD film festival 2009
  • Shown at 'Lezart Visite 09'
  • Anna-Marie Giersdottir, Trailer Pirjetta Brendar, Trailer Fatima Augusto, Trailer
    Anna-Marie Giersdottir, Icelandic artist, weaving in protest, suggesting a new coat of arms for iceland incorporating the logo of a controversial energy company
  • Yet another unfinished artists documentary
  • Pirjetta Brendar, Finish artist describers her focus and interests
  • Yet another unfinished artists documentary
  • Fatima Augusto, Paris based artist paints and philosophize
  • Yet another unfinished artists documentary
  • harlap time Bell mistake (1 and 2)
    Harlap time: Technique: place 'time' in the 'Z' dimension and apply alpha channel to specific intensities to create a 3D volume of time. All scenes are produced using medical imaging software.
  • Shown at 'Lezart Visite 09'
  • Bell mistake 1 and 2: Two 8mm films testing a broken 8mm camera. odd results, some parts are even interesting.
  • Shown at the Montreal Super 8 Film Festival 2007